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Find the best replicas of compressed air, electric and gas weapons for Airsoft and sports shooting of the best brands and at the best price. At Prototype Guns and Weapons, you will find the latest models of assault rifles, submachine guns and carbines from brands such as Gamo, Norinco, Albainox or Cometa, pistols, carbines, revolvers, pellets, accessories and many more at Tienda Shoke, your on-line Armory and in Texas.

What are air guns?

Air guns are replicas of firearms, but use the force generated by compressed air pellets in their shots. There are also compressed air guns with a PCP system that have a tank in which compressed air is loaded, that is, without pellets, at high pressure. This allows to accumulate air that allows several shots.

Types of air guns

  1. Airguns: They follow the design of such popular firearms as the 19 caliber Glock or the H&K USP Compact. These types of air pistols are often used, for example, in sports competitions, but they are also preferred by gun lovers and collectors, who cannot afford firearms.
    2. Compressed air rifles: Currently this type of compressed air gun is used mainly for shooting practice and in increasingly popular competitions such as Airsoft. There are many FCSE agents who use this sport to practice their aim in more real situations.
    3. Compressed air revolvers: For lovers of classic weapons, at Prototype Guns and Weapons we also have a variety of 4” revolvers that use compressed air.