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At Prototype Guns and Weapons we have a wide assortment of articles oriented to the practice of hunting . You will find clothing , gloves , boots , knives , flashlights and all kinds of material and equipment for hunting big game and small game with which to enjoy your favorite hobby. Equip yourself in Shoke and go hunting. We have products from the best brands at the best price. Your armory and specialized hunting shop in Texas and online.

Hunting Equipment Categories

1. Boots for hunters: this type of footwear is designed to adapt to different surfaces without problems caused by imbalances and falls. Hunter boots feature foot and joint protection and help maintain comfort even in wet and cold weather. In addition, there are accessories that enhance its characteristics.
2. Clothes for hunters: the performance of this activity in the open air makes it necessary to be prepared for weather changes such as cold or rain. At Prototype Guns and Weapons we have high-quality and resistant clothing that allows us to maintain body heat and facilitate perspiration. In addition, they offer total freedom of movement so that the weapon can be used without any problem.
3. Hunting knives:Among the products in our online catalog there is a wide variety of knives and hunting knives that offer total versatility due to their ergonomic designs and their sharp and serrated blades.
4. Flashlights for hunters: poor visibility can lead to a loss of accuracy and insecurity. Therefore, remember that in our store you have a wide variety of hunting flashlights and spotlights with different sizes and powers, perfect for all types of terrain.